7 Easy Ways To Help Japan NOW

Wondering what you can do to help Japan?

Simple. Here are a few options:

If you live in the U.S., you can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Japan earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief (info via @RedCross). From the comfort of your cellphone.


If you live in the U.K., Save The Children has launched a £3 million appeal to help Japan.


Wherever you are, you can go to the Medical Teams website to donate or even propose help if you’re a doctor because there is a shortage in Japan.


For a web-based contribution, Mercy Corps has a batch of banners that you can embed to your website or blog to help collect funds. Just like this one:


Below is a QR code that you can embed to your website or blog, share on Facebook, tweet, distribute everywhere. It links to the Japanese Red Cross.

Link to Red Cross Japan
Help Japan QR code
Great design work by SET Japan.


You can please yourself by shopping on Etsy’s special page for Japan relief. Each purchase will generate a donation.

And finally

You can go to CNN’s Tsunami aid and relief page for more resources.

Please spread the word!


3 Replies to “7 Easy Ways To Help Japan NOW”

  1. Terrific list, and you included two of my favorite non-profits, the American Red Cross and Mercy Corps. (I’m also a fan of Doctors Without Borders, but as of yesterday they weren’t sure what, if anything, they would be doing in Japan.)

    Another Red Cross link, for those seeking information on missing family or who are in Japan and want to list themselves as ‘safe and well’: https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php

    Google.org also has a useful Crisis Response page at http://www.google.com/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html

    BTW, that is the most amazing QR code I’ve ever seen. The American Red Cross is good at using social media and technology, but the Japanese Red Cross whupped us on this one.

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